The 101st Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) needed a logo which turned into a multitude of projects over the span of 7 years.
March 2011 - August 2018
Photography, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
I was approached by the commander for the 101st CAB in 2011 to redesign the logo for the Brigade. The only instruction I received was, "Make it cooler than what we have now." U.S. Army military units are rich with historic emblems and colors that date back to the creation of the Army. It was important to capture the essence of that history. This logo is an adaptation of the units insignia with the addition of the 101st Division patch.
The image below is the design for a unit flag. This flag was used as merchandise and to show presence at unit events.
The next two images were Facebook banners created for the Public Affairs office. The banners needed to capture the shear amount of work the brigade completes on a regular basis as well as the commanders mission statement and priorities.
This banner reflects on the different airframes while echoing the commanders message. Each of the units logos surrounding the brigade logo are very different in shape and color. Each one displays the mascot or motto of the unit to further that distinction. Each unit has a different role to play in the success of the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade. 
The poster below was requested by the command team to show the grit and determination shown by their Soldiers across the globe. The eagle statue in the middle of the piece is an image of the eagle statue from the 101st CAB memorial park thus representing Soldiers efforts past and present. 
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